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Take a look at my portfolio. Some website that I have created in the past for various clients.

Campaign project Seaford Beach Access Campaign

Currently running a campaign in Seaford, East Sussex. In the process of getting access ramps on Seaford bay, for wheelchair users and everybody with mobility issues. Please find out more and support this cause and visit the new beach access campaign website. http://www.your-dch.co.uk/beachaccess

Project for client Osteopath in Lewes

I designed and built this website for an osteopath based in Lewes, East Sussex. Lin came to me to update her current website. I was able to redesign the whole look and feel of her website. Her previous site was very outdated, as she had it made 9 years ago. This new website is compatible across all devices. Including: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. My client, Lin is very happy with the design and the end product.

You can visit this website at: www.lewesosteopath.co.uk

Project for client Pookys, building services

I was required to build a simple website for a building firm, this website I gained off Facebook. Pookys, as he is well known as requested a simple website, showcasing his service and portfolio. www.pookys.uk

Project For Client SD-Decorating - website

I advertised my website design services on social media, SD Decorating, a painting and decorating company based in the Southeast, UK replied to my advert. They requested a simple website to advertise their decorating services. I was able to design and build this site within a week. They were very pleased with the end result. You can visit this website at: www.sd-decorating.co.uk/

Project For Client Alix Coe Fitness - website

A friend of mine who is becoming a personal trainer, asked me to design and build a website. The site gives details on the services he provides as a personal trainer. You can visit this website at: www.alixcoefitness.co.uk/

Project for client No Holds Barred - Brighton

No Holds Barred is a Collaborative, Community group, based in Brighton. Run by disabled people for disabled people. Many different projects are managed and run by No Holds Barred. Including aerial yoga, which is performed in silks, suspended by the ceiling. You can find out more about No Holds Barred by visiting their website, built by Taylor Designs.


Project For Client The Shoal Bench - beauty Attraction, Seaford. Website

This was a website I designed for a University project. The site was promoting a new attraction in Seaford, a community bench. As Seaford is a seaside town, I wanted to convey this in my design, hence the pebbly background.

Project for client The Food Project Flyer - Brighton

The Food Project in Brighton, I designed this flyer for No Holds Barred, Collaborative, Creative, Community to advertise a new upcoming food project. Using the many different tools in Photoshop enabled me to design this clean looking, striking flyer.

University project Water For Elephants Book Cover

Here is a book cover that I designed. I feel that this is a strong piece of work, since it was one of the first pieces of work that I completed. I used some manual media within this composition. I burnt some coffee stained paper to get the effect that I was aiming for. Using Photoshop to create the ticket image within the centre of the book cover to draw the viewers eye.

University project Ignored poster

This poster was created with a mixture of manual and digital Media. I used my emotion when splattering paint on canvas. After, I teared the image apart and stuck it together, giving it a very unique and striking look and feel. Using the text tool in Photoshop, I wrote the word 'Ignored', printed the image again,tore it up, stuck it back together and scanned it, manipulating the image slightly in Photoshop.

University project Animation - click to watch

This animation was created for AFT, a family therapy organisation. I was given a testimonial to work from. I thought of using chairs to portray abstract people. Chairs also have symbolism that people sit in chairs and discuss their problems. I animated the chairs so they have the same characteristics as people. I wanted the pink chair (mother chair) to look authoritative.