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Living in Seaford, 30 minutes away from the iconic city of Brighton in East Sussex, United Kingdom. Although I have quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and a wheelchair user, this obstacle still doesn't stop me from living a very active lifestyle. I love being adventurous and try to let nothing stop me from trying new things. To me life is about adapting to the environments around me, finding ways to achieve my set goals in life.

Image of Sam I attended a Scope school, Ingfield Manor for 11 years from the age of one. Going through conductive education was so beneficial for me growing up. Helping to develop my mobility and speech, making me the active person I am today.

When my time was up at Ingfield Manor, Scope school, I made the courageous decision to attend my local mainstream school, Seaford head. I really wanted to prove to people that it was the right choice for me and that I would be able to cope within this 'normal' environment. Yes, it was very nerve racking and a lot of people said it was the wrong school to go in after being in a school where everything was catered from my needs. The other choice of school was Lord Mayor Treloar, for people with disabilities to continue in conductive education.

Going into Seaford Head School, I had a very open mind. Everybody warned me in my family that I would get bullied and teased, the fact that I was the only pupil in a wheelchair; I was expecting the worst. This luckily was not the case at all, it was the total opposite, I was accepted of who I am, was, making tons of friends, who I am still in contact with today and regularly see.

Taking my GCSE's and going off to collage to study business ICT, I overcame more and more boundaries that I faced. Then taking on University in my local area of Brighton, I studied Digital Media Design, foundation degree then moving up to do a BA/Hons degree in Digital Media. Yes, at times it was very difficult to arrange the correct support that I needed but again, I was able to adapt and overcome this. In 2015 I finally graduated and decided that I wanted to come to the end of education, it was time to use all my skills that I gained to become a fr4eelance graphic/digital designer.

This is what I am doing today, a digital/graphic designer. Also involved with different other groups and projects in the Brighton area, keeping active in my day to day life, I have a full-time personal assistant five days a week, when she isn't with me I am still able to get out, using my electric wheelchair, going on the train independently.

Nothing is going to stop me living my life the way I want to. Travelling to lots of exciting countries and exploring the globe with my Personal Assistant. My friends and family often say to me that I should write a Blog because of my varied and exciting lifestyle. Thank you for reading my story.